The Story Behind Vascito

Vascito means Speedy Vessel

A word we made up to describe our totally new and innovative storage system made just for you!


Who we are : 

We are a husband and wife team who believe that sustainability should easy and fun, plastic is permanent and we need to choose wisely, and the things we buy should do what they promise.

What Inspired Us:

The fact is,  clutter makes our homes feel disorganized, and when our homes feel disorganized, we feel disorganized. Our products reduce clutter without hiding away items you use everyday, keeping what you need right at hand for quick, one-handed access

What We Believe:

Plastic is Permanent - Choose Wisely. The majority of plastic is not recycled and actually is dumped into our landfills, we must choose what plastics we use carefully and be sure to choose safe and long lasting materials.

What you are made of is important - All of our materials are FDA compliant, safe for food contact and dishwasher safe. This was one of the most important requirements we had while choosing materials in the design process.