We are on a secret mission, come join us!

Plastic is Permanent - Choose Wisely

Our Secret Mission is to eliminate small, single-use plastic jars and lids from the planet! Making small changes, we can reduce so much waste!   

Of the 300 million tons of plastic created every year, over 70% is "single use", meaning it is used once and discarded, and less than 10% is recycled.* Items such as small lids and caps clog up the sorting machinery and are sent to the landfill. There is 10 times more plastic in a cap than in a plastic straw - so think of the impact we can have if we remove them! NPR has a great article here if you want to read more. 

We want to reduce the amount of plastic used in our daily lives, without sacrificing convenience or freshness. 

Our plan is to disguise our brand as the modern, healthy and high-tech storage container company that blows the lid off your storage containers, when we are actually a sustainable storage container company on a mission.  Our goal is to become large enough cause a positive change and nudge product manufactures into rethinking how they package products, shifting them to compostable paper bags, cartons or bulk options. We plan to do this by offering remarkable storage solutions that are beautiful, make life simpler and a pleasure to use. 

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 *NPR investigation by Laura Sullivan November 2020