Shelf Collection

Our Shelf Collection is a quick and clever way to organize and de-clutter! 

The Dual Shelf is remarkably versatile and mounts under any existing shelf to instantly double your storage space and with the Architectural Gray Rim Assemblies, will add a dash of sophisticated style to any space. Elevate your kitchen canisters off the counter, double your bathroom shelf storage, use it as your favorite spice organizer in the kitchen or organize your laundry and keep the detergent pods right at hand and out of reach of little children.

The Zhero Shelf installs in 4 different locations! Under any existing shelf, under the cabinet - above the counter, in any base cabinet, or by itself as a stand-alone shelf!

It instantly organizes and de-clutters!

  • zero wasted space - now that's a smart design
  • zero lids - no lids, no problem, not in the way to slow you down
  • zero clutter - everyday items in reach & in their place
  • zero hassles - BPA free, premium materials
  • zero disposable containers - together, let's love this planet

9 products

9 products