Dual Shelves

Keep Items you love right at your fingertips.  Quick one-handed access allows you to do more in less time

Worlds First Lidless & Airtight Storage System 

❤ Individually handcrafted in Michigan using the highest quality materials

 Keep Items you love right at your fingertips 

✔ Quick one-handed access allowing you to do more in less time

 Our airtight seal keeps everything fresh!

✔ Luxurious materials: commercial-grade stainless steel, high-tech antimicrobial polymers, premium, solid hardwoods & other advanced tech that is patent pending.

🤍 Dishwasher safe and quality built to last a lifetime. 

✔ Installs in seconds under any shelf - no screws or tools required - Great if you are renting.

 Freshen up your space with beautiful pieces!

 Clear the clutter off your countertops for easy cleaning and more me-time


A Dual Shelf instantly creates storage under any shelf. Perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, or craft room. The more you use it, the more you love it!  Proudly developed and made in the USA

4 products

4 products