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No more zipping or screwing, it's a whole new way of doing!

Our new automatic air tight storage containers work like magic!

Quick and easy to use, elevated to maximize your space, ordinary containers just cant hang with us

Top 3 reasons our customers are ditching there lids and zip bags

#1 Simple to Use

To open our containers simply grab and slide, like magic it's open! No worries, no zipping or unscrewing, its a whole new way of doing!

#2 Durable and Reliable

Built tough enough for everyday use. We've put them to the test, so rest assured they are hassle free and bump proof

#3 Fast and Efficient

Our automatic seal really speed up your daily routine, allowing you to do more in less time, so go ahead and schedule that massage

Easy to do Bathroom Storage Makeover

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Our No Worry Design Seals Airtight Every time

Forget about zippers that won't close right, lids that are always lost and don't fit right. Try going lidless - it just feels right!

Proudly Handcrafted in the Mitten of the United States

We love producing Michigan made products that make you happy and 100% of your purchase stays right here, supporting local communities!

Eco Friendly Storage You Feel Good Using

There’s 210 MILLION tons of single use plastic items made every year - less than 10% are recycled. Let's work together for change.

We are obsessed with developing storage solutions that enhance your relationships with your everyday go-to items and your environment. Creating exclusive products that help you easily achieve a simple and stress free lifestyle!



When we invented the game changing automatic air tight seal

Recent Customer Reviews


My boyfriend and I recently moved into a studio apartment together, it’s kinda small, so I wanted to get these to make it easier for baking. I've had them for a week, but so far I love them! I love how you can see through them, no lids to deal with, and are still air tight! They even come apart to clean! I used the 3 canisters for flour, sugar, and my dog treats. Daisy loves to be in the kitchen with me.

Kari M.
Miami, FL

I absolutely love these canisters! I found the choice of sizes very useful in my home coffee bar! Each canister holds a different flavor of coffee which I was able to label for easy access! I purchased 2 sets!

Linda W.
Bay City, MI

I was using a plastic, air-tight canister to store my Starbucks ground coffee. It was overly complicated and very hard to open every day. I purchased these canisters based upon the excellent reviews it had received. I have not been disappointed. I put enough coffee for the week in it and do not have to deal with the complicated container every day. It tastes just as wonderful and fresh as when I first placed it in the canister for storage. 

Terry Z.
Los Angeles, CA

Tight sealing canisters, they really work! And so pretty raised above the counter. Added bonus was the free customized labels. I am very pleased with this set !!!

Ale H.
Atlanta, GA

These are Amazing! I can't believe there isn't that many reviews. I took a chance because these were cheaper. They are definitely air tight. They fit way more than I thought they would. These are Perfect!!

Steve N.
Lowell, MI

I bought this tea organizer for my growing obsession with tea. I ordered one and was so happy with it I immediately ordered a second one, both 3 jar units. (One for my teas with caffeine and one for the herbal teas.) These are heavy duty and with clear plastic containers. The non lid design works well, when I slide the jar open I get the biggest burst of aroma’s, definitely air tight! The 12 oz. jars are the perfect size to utilize all my cabinet space. Each section comfortably fits 12-15 tea bags. I use Twinings, Yogi, and Bigelow teas the most. I was a little concerned about being able to remove the label cleanly for the container. (Stickers on products sometimes are such a mess to remove and that is a big pet peeve of mine.) I was pleased to see that the stickers came separate and not applied. If you are like me that is a big deal. Bottom line I love these containers and I’m very pleased with my purchase. No more digging through boxes of tea, I can easily pull out these containers and find what I need.

Mary D
Traverse City, MI

Life is better when you choose to loose the lids

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Our new spice rack is set to blow the lids off spice jars forever! It's a chef's dream come true!

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Blowing the Lids Off Storage Containers wasn't easy

Our team was laser focused for over 2 years on perfecting the design and function of this amazing new method of storage. You will be happy we did. It's a fact, our automatic self-sealing containers are the greatest advancement to storage containers in 100 Years!

Our goal is to make them affordable enough so everyone can experience everyday luxury, reducing single use containers, and get to hold the powers of advanced magnetic science right at their fingertips!

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We are Unapologetically serious about Simple Storage Solutions

Always striving to make your life better by creating product that will knock your socks off! Count on us for delivering quality product every time, that's our promise to you.

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No more zipping or screwing, it's a whole new way of doing!